Sunday, September 3, 2017

Dance starts this week

We are so excited for dance to start this week. The first day of class is this Wednesday September 6th, Thursday September 7th, Monday September 11th, Tuesday September 12th. You should have gotten an email saying we got your registration form and that we got your daughter in the class you wanted. 

I will be making a list of all the classes and times and will send that out Tuesday. If you don't want your daughter's name on the list for everyone to see please just email me and I will just put their initials on the class lists. 

Some of our classes have small numbers in them if I can't get 5 girls in those classes I will have to combine them with another class. Below are the classes that need  more girls in them
Wednesday 1:30
Wednesday 5:30
Thursday 9:30
Thursday 4:30

Also I need to change a few of the times on a few classes. My teachers are coming from USU and are a little worried they will be cutting it a little close to make it to class on I don't want that to be a problem. If your daughter is in one of those classes and its not going to work for you will you please call me as soon as you can so we can make needed changes. 

So the THURSDAY 1:30 we need to move it to 1:45
the WEDNESDAY 4:30 we need to move it back to 5:00
and the WEDNESDAY 5:30 class back to 6:00

Sorry for the last min changes, hope it doesn't mess you up

The address to the studio is
3985 North 75 West
Hype Park 84341

It's just behind Freckle Farms the plant store and north of the castle looking building. We are on the NORTH side of the redbrick white siding building. There is a sign that says SWEET PEA DANCE and you can come through the north doors. 

Payment will be done on the first day of class. You will need to include your registration fee of $20.00 and your first month of tuition $28.00 and then if you have a second daughter taking it's $23.00 for her. If you refer a new dancer you get your first month of tuition for 1/2 price. 
Payments can be done by checks, written out to SWEET PEA DANCE CO. Cash, if you do cash please put in an envelope which we have out at dance with your daughters name and amount paid. Bill Pay, which you do through your bank and just add me as a payee and add my address: 2444 North 1250 East. North Logan, UT 8434. Venom which is an app you download to your phone and you add me as a friend and can send me payment through you phone. My name on venom is @SweetPea-Dance.
Payment is due by the 7th of each month or with holidays the first week of dance that month. 
There is a $10.00 late fee for late payment. We will send home reminders if payment isn't made on time. 

What to wear to dance....we aren't super picky on what to wear. We like girls in things that they can move easy in. Please don't feel like you have to go out and buy all new dance clothes. Leo's(pink, black or any color) and tights, ballet skirts are great, or a t-shirt and leggings. Have your girls wear what they feel comfortable in. If you are going to buy ballet shoes please buy pink ones. Most of the little girls classes and all ballet classes will be wearing pink ballet shoes in the recital. 

On the first day of dance your welcome to stay for the first of dance to make sure you dancer is doing okay but I find that the girls do so much better if they don't see their parent/grandparents in the back watching. I also find my teachers are better teachers with out lots of eyes watching. If there is a problem we will contact you and make those arrangements if needed. We will have show off days where you can come and watch what they have been learning later in the year. 

Our recital will be in May sometime not sure on the date yet. I'm trying to get Green Canyon High School so I'm just waiting on them to get their schedule worked out. I will let you know as soon as I hear. Also we will be preforming sometime in February at the new Maple Springs retirement center. So just watch for dates for that after Christmas. 

Also your registration fee includes a T-shirt we probably won't hand those out tell after Christmas. 

I know this is a lot of info but please feel free to email, call or text with any questions you may have. I will always but the emails I send out on the blog each time just incase that's easier then email. 

My teachers and my self are so excited to get dance started this week. We have lots of fun things planned. So excited to see old faces and well as new faces. 

Thanks so much
Sweet Pea Dance
Hayley Egan

Monday, July 31, 2017

Registration for 2017-18

DANCE REGISTRATION FOR 2017-2018 will open on MONDAY AUGUST 7th 2017. 

To register your daughter click on the schedule link above for class description and times. Then click on the registration link and fill out the form and hit send, you should receive an email within 48 hours letting you know if we were able to get you in the class you wanted. If you have not received an email within 48 hours please email with your name, number, daughters name, class day and time you signed up for. 

We can't wait for another amazing year! 

Hayley Egan 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

2016-2017 Reg

Dance 2016-2017 Registration will open on 

AUGUST 3rd Wednesday

The New Schedule will be up soon. I will send out an email to help you remember to get registered in time so you can get into the class you want. 

We are excited for a new year. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

More APRIL Info

Sorry I did mess up on some info I sent out last week. 

A few of the tights were wrong. There are a few classes that will need two different tights for each costume. Most of the young classes will stay in the same pair for both dances. 

Monday 4:30  - Dance 1: Tan Footless Tights
                       -Dance 2: Black Footless Tights or Black Fishnet 

Monday 5:30  - Dance 1: Tan Footless Tights
                       -Dance 2: Tan Footless Tights

Tuesday 4:30  - Dance 1: Tan Footless Tights with pink ballet shoes
                        -Dance 2: Tan Footless Tights

Wed 10:00      - Dance 1: Tan Footed Tights with pink ballet shoes
                        -Dance 2: Tan Footed Tights with pink ballet shoes

Wed 11:00      - Dance 1: Tan Footed Tights with pink ballet shoes
                        -Dance 2: Tan Footed Tights with pink ballet shoes

Wed 1:00       - Dance 1: Tan Footed Tights with pink ballet shoes
                       -Dance 2: Tan Footed Tights with pink ballet shoes

Wed 4:30      - Dance 1: Tan Footless Tights with bare feet 
                      -Dance 2: Tan Footless Tights with bare feet 

Wed 5:30      - Dance 1: Tan Footless Tights with bare feet 
                      -Dance 2: Tan Footless Tights with bare feet 

Thur 10:00    - Dance 1: Tan Footless Tights  with bare feet 
                     -Dance 2: Tan Footless Tights with Ballet shoes

Thur 11:00    - Dance 1: Tan Footless Tights or No tights they will be in overalls 
                      -Dance 2: Tan Footless Tights or they can be footed with Pink Ballet shoes
                        (whatever you bought for Sunshine terrace will work for this dance)

Thur 1:00    - Dance 1: Tan Footless Tights  with bare feet 
                     -Dance 2: Tan Footless Tights with Ballet shoes

Thur 4:30     - Dance 1: Tan Footless Tights with bare feet 
                     -Dance 2: Tan Footless Tights with bare feet 

Thur 5:30     - Dance 1: Tan Footless Tights with bare feet 
                     -Dance 2: Tan Footless Tights with bare feet 

If you bought something different for the Sunshine Terrance please let me know and I can make something work for you. 

You should all have costume one already at home....unless you sent back to get altered. If you still need yours altered PLEASE BRING TO DANCE ASAP. If not brought to dance or my house by APRIL 28th she will not have time to fix them. Text me if you need to bring costume to my house and I can send you address. 435.881.1566

Reminder each girl will need to bring their own pair of BLACK LEGGINGS for solo drill as well as their Screaming in Color T-shirt. Please let me know if you have a problem finding or getting black leggings. 

We are having PICTURES May 9th - May 12th during your daughters regular dance time. They will come to dance wearing costume 1 (the costume that you have at home already) If you sent it in to get altered we will hand out May 2nd - May 5th at dance. If not done you can come to picture day with hair and make-up done and just change at dance. We really want ALL GIRLS to be in group pictures so even if you don't want to buy them please try and come so we can have all girls in team pictures to display at recital. We will be sending home (May 2nd - May 5th) of paper as well as a email of the picture prices. You will need to bring that back the day of pictures of what you want to buy. 

We will send another email of how hair and make-up needs to be done the week before pictures. 

I know this is lots of information so please call, text or email with questions. 

We are getting so excited for the recital. The girls have been working so hard. Thanks for all your help and support this year. 

Sweet Pea Dance
Hayley Egan

Thursday, April 14, 2016

April info

Okay after lots of thought I think we better keep our recital on SATURDAY June 4th. It's most liking will be at Sky View but we are having a few issues so it that doesn't work out we will be having it at Mt. Logan Middle school. I will keep you posted on the location but the times will always stay the same. The dress rehearsal will be done that morning in two different groups so girls don't have to be at the dress rehearsal for longer then they need too. Below is a list of the time your daughter needs to be at the dress rehearsal.


Monday 4:30
Monday 5:30
Wednesday 10:00
Wednesday 11:00
Wednesday 4:30
Thursday 4:30
Thursday 5:30


Tuesday 4:30
Wednesday 1:00
Wednesday 5:30
Thursday 10:00
Thursday 11:00
Thursday 1:00

Then girls will need to be back at 6:00 p.m. all ready with hair and make-up all on, with recital at 6:30 p.m.

If you have a problem and you really have NO way that you can make your rehearsal time please call me asap and we can see if we can change your class to the other time. But I need to know by Monday if you can't make it work. 

We are doing a solo drill where each girl gets their name called out and get to show you something they learned throughout the year. During the solo's each girl will be wearing the 
T-shirts that we just handed out along with black leggings. Each girl is responsible to bring their own leggings. They can be any style, Long or short. If you can't get any please let me know and we can help you find some.  

If anyone wants me to order tights for the recital I'll be placing an order the first of may. If you have them paid for with your May tuition I will be placing the order May 8th. If your payment is not made my then I will not be able to order them with my order. For all children sizes they will be $7.00 and adult sizes are $8.00 this includes shipping.  Please put a sticky note on your payment that you want them and what size and color: Tan or Black, footless or footed.  I will order all the same color in the tan color so they are all the same. Below is what  you need for you classes tights in case you forgot. The tan footless are a little hard to find and can be expensive if you buy them at dance stores in town. 

Monday 4:30 -   Tan footless for dance 1 AND  Black Fish Net tights Footless for dance 2 I can order these on line so they are all the same. They are only $7.00 on line. If you already bought black footless and don't want to buy the fishnet once please let me know ASAP. Thanks.        
Monday 5:30  -  Tan Footless 
Tuesday 4:30  -  Tan Footless 
Wednesday 10:00  - Tan Footless
Wednesday 11:00  -  Black footed 
Wednesday 1:00  -  Tan Footless
Wednesday 4:30  -  Tan Footless 
Wednesday 5:30  -  Tan Footless 
Thursday 10:00  -  Tan Footless
Thursday 11:00  -  Tan Footless
Thursday 1:00  -  Tan Footless
Thursday 4:30  - Tan Footless
Thursday 5:30  -  Tan Footless

We will have hair and make up for each class when it gets closer to picture day. 

2nd costume will be handed out the first of MAY. Please make sure all payments are paid in full so your daughter can take the second costume home. If you have questions about payment please call or email. 

Please remember your recital fee of $15.00 with your May tuition. If that is not paid you will not be able to take home the costume. 

I will be sending out an email about picture information once I know more details from the photographer. 

I will be sending out lots of emails from now until the please check them for all the recital imformation. 

Thanks for your patients with me. Any questions please call, text or email.

Hayley Egan
Sweet Pea Dance

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


I just got off the phone with Sky View and this whole time i thought the last day of School was Friday the 3rd but its Thursday the 2nd for Cache Valley School.  So he told me they have the auditorium available on the Friday if we want to do the recital Friday instead of Saturday. So i'm thinking it would be kind of nice to have it the day after school is out so we can start our summer. Sense i've been saying Saturday in all the emails I wanted to check with everyone first to make sure that Friday will work for everyone. Please let me know if you CAN'T make FRIDAY JUNE 3rd work as soon as possible I need to let Sky View know. If if we have people that can't make Friday we will just stick with Saturday. Also remember that we do the dress rehearsal that same day so we would have the dress rehearsal that same day as well. Sorry for the confusion.

Hayley Egan
Sweet Pea Dance 

Monday, April 4, 2016

April Dance

Hope everyone had a great SPRING BREAK. We should have all normal classes the month of April. We have lots to work on to get ready for the recital. Please try and have girls make it to class, we will start working on their solo's that they will get to preform at the recital.

I hope the girls had a good time preforming at Sunshine Terrance. They really enjoyed it and called and said they hope we come back every year.  I know there was a few costumes that needed some extra alternating. If you didn't like how your daughters costume fit. Will you put pins in the areas that you would like changed with a note inside with details and send the costume with your daughter this week or next to dance and we will send them to the seamstress and get them fixed. 

Tuition is due this week. April 4th- 7th. There is still a few that haven't paid for their second costume fee. I will email you individually. 

We will be sending home their T-Shirts this week at dance. Please let me know if you didn't get one. Also please make sure that they don't loose them we will be wearing them in the recital for their solo drill. 

With your May tuition there will be a fee of $15.00 per girls for the recital to cover the cost of the rental of using SKY VIEW where we do our Recital at. That can be paid with your May tuition. 

Pictures will be done in May. I'm still working with the photographer on those details I will get that to you as soon as she knows. 

Make sure your calendar is marked for JUNE 4th for our recital. We do the dress rehearsal that same day in the morning. Most likely from 10:30-12:30. We will give you details in a few weeks. Then the recital is that night at 6:30 p.m. 

We are getting so excited for the recital. Thanks for letting us teach your daughters. 

Sweet Pea Dance