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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Dance Registration will start on  AUGUST 3rd 
New schedule won't be up until July 29th. 
All registration can be done through the blog. Click on schedule to see what class will best fit your daughter. Then click on register, fill out information and hit send. 
Classes will start SEPTEMBER 7th. 
For more information please feel free to call or text me: 435.881.1566

Hayley Egan

Friday, May 29, 2015

Saturday 30th

Saturday MAY 30th

Just a few last reminders about tomorrow…….

-Have girls at SKY VIEW HIGH SCHOOL Auditorium for Dress Rehearsal and Recital. You come through the MAIN entrance and walk strait back. We will have balloons so you know where to come.


Monday 4:30
Monday 5:30
Wed 11:00
Wed 4:30
Thur 10:00
Thur 5:30


Tues 5:30
Wed 10:00
Wed 5:30
Thur 1:00
Thur 4:30

-Please make sure you are ON TIME for rehearsal as well at the recital. We only have the stage to practice on with each class for so long so every min counts.

-For dress rehearsal have girls bring a backpack of games, coloring, snacks, etc of things they can do while they wait for their turn to practice.

-Girls don't need to have Hair and make up done for rehearsal, they just need to come in costumes 1 (the costume they come in for pictures) and bring costume 2 as well as their sweet pea t-shirt.

-Please make sure EVERY piece of their costume has their name or initials on them so we don't have any problems with lost items.

-Parents are more then welcome to stay during dress rehearsal but you don't have to.

-If you had a costume that was getting altered or didn't pick up. I will have them at the dress rehearsal for  you. Just remind me and I'll help you get them. As well if you ordered a new T-Shirt I will have them for you at the rehearsal.

-If you ordered pictures, they will be ready to be picked up during the dress rehearsal. They will be located by the front entrance of the auditorium. If you have any problems with your pictures please contact KARLY ADMAS at 435-213-5640. She will also be at the recital that night.

-Please have girls back to SKY VIEW at 6:30 with costumes on and Hair and Make up all on. If you need help with hair or make up we will be there at 6:00 and someone can help you.

-If you have a daughter in the THURSDAY 4:30 class.  Danielle would like them to try and come at 6:00 she wants to go over a few things with them and make sure they are ready.

-Filming and taking pictures is fine just try to be courteous to those around you while doing it.

-Please NO saving seats during the dress rehearsal. Its not fair to those that have the later time to come. Doors will open at 6:30 and your welcome to save seats at that time.

-Please invite everyone to come….there is NO charge at the door. Thats why we did a one time recital fee.

RETIAL will start at 7:00 P.M. in the SKY VIEW AUDITORIUM.

We are so excited for tomorrow to see all the girls hard work pay off. Thanks for all your support and making this year a very special one for me and my teacher. THANK YOU!!!

If you have any questions please text me so I will respond quick to you. 435.881.1566

Hayley Egan
Sweet Pea Dance

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

May recital info

Costumes will / have be handed out this week during dance. You should be getting two costumes. Some of you many still have one from pioneer valley performance. Please make sure that your daughters name or her initials are written on EVERY item of the costume. Please make sure they don't wear them around the house before the recital. Lots of the pieces are not replaceable and it will be your responsibility to fix or replace lost or damaged pieces.  

When the girls come to class next week (May 18,19,20,21)  they need to come wearing costume 1 or costume 2 (see below for details) they need to have hair done (see below for hair description)  as well as a little make-up. All girls will look better in dance pictures with a little make-up as well when on stage with the lights.  We recommend a little blush on cheek bones. Apply eyeshadow going from light to dark starting at the eyebrow going down. You can do a little eyeliner and Mascara to make the eyes pop. Don't forget lipstick or a darker gloss. If you don't feel comfortable doing it we are more then happy to help on picture day or recital day. Forms for pictures should come home with your costumes being handed out this week, bring them back next week for pictures if you are buying pictures. 

Monday 4:30
Costume 1:  Silver Leo, Turquoise skirt and shoes
Costume 2:  Coral dress
Hair : Slicked back, high ponytail with the entire thing curled and hair sprayed. No part.  Costume 1 bow on top of ponytail. Costume 2 coral flower on left side. 

Monday 5:30
Costume 1: Gold and Fuchsia Dress 
Costume 2:  Purple or Turquoise and zebra Unitard 
Hair : Slicked back, high sock bun. Booby pinned tightly. You can use a hair net and wrap it around to keep loose hair from coming out. Costume 1 bow goes around sock bun. Costume 2 bow goes on left side of sock bun.

Tuesday 5:30
Costume 1:  Zebra and Fuchsia Dress
Costume 2:  Coral Swimsuit
Hair : Slicked back, half up and half down ponytail. Entire ponytail curled and hair sprayed. No part.
Costume 1 bow on top of ponytail. Costume 2 flower clip on top of ponytail underneath shower cap. 

Wednesday 10:00
Costume 1:  Hot Pink Dress with wings
Costume 2:  Black and White Dress
Hair : Half up half down with lots of curls. The half that you pull up make in a high messy bun on top of head. Wearing head band for each dance, with flower on the left side of head.

Wednesday 11:00
Costume 1:  In Blue, Yellow, or Pink black sparkle dress
Costume 2:  Frozen. Elsa, Olaf, Anna
Hair : Half up half down if you can with hair, and curl what you can. Wearing your crown for costume 1, with lots of bobby pins to hold in place. Costume two wearing head bands or Elsa crown. 

Wednesday 4:30
Costume 1: Purple cheer costume with purple leo underneath.  
Costume 2: Zebra leo with purple leo
Hair : High curly pony tail for both dances. 

Wednesday 5:30
Costume 1:  (SOLO) Black unitard with red vest and cowgirl hat, with own boots
Costume 2:  Black unitard with bow tie and Gold vest
Costume 3:  Purple dress
Hair : Start in curly pig tails for dance 1, then a high slick back bun for dance 2 and 3.

Thursday 10:00
Costume 1:  Pink and brown polka  dot dress
Costume 2:  Turquoise and lime green skirt
Hair : Pull half up, curl it, then pull rest of hair in low pony tail with hair piece over elastic point down. Dance 2 Take out low pony tail hair is down. 

Thursday 1:00
Costume 1:  Pink Feather
Costume 2:  Rock star costume. Black and Pink
Hair : Curl hair first put in a side messy bun on right side for dance 1, then pull bun out for dance two so its just a side pony tail with the curly hair. 

Thursday 4:30
Costume 1: (SOLO) Coral and black unitard with black and white polka dot skirt. Have girls wear a BLACK sports bra under unitard to help with support. (call if you have questions) 
Costume 2:  Keep on Coral and Black unitard just adding different skirt and coral top. 
Costume 3.: Dark turquoise fridge dress. 
Hair : Low slicked tight and twisted bun. Bobby pinned tightly, hairspray well. You can use a hair net to wrap around bun to make sure no fly aways come out. Dance 1- Headband with big bow on the left side. Dance 2 - Bow worn on the left side of bun. 

Thursday 5:30
Costume 1:  Black and Red Dress
Costume 2:  Blue cheer outfit
Hair : Curly and down with a part on either side for dance 1, then hair will be pulled up into high pony tail with hair piece around pony for dance 2.  

If you daughter is only in one dance, she will be wearing that costume the whole time along with her Dance Shirt for the Finale. 

If there is any problems with your costumes please let us know as soon as you can so my seamstress can make alteration as soon as possible. 

If any one needs another Sweet Pea Shirt I can still order some. Let me know as soon as you can. 

Reminder - Dress Rehearsal will be Saturday May 30th in the day before Recital please have your daughter there at the times below. We apologize if you have multiple daughters and their times are different. We have lots of sisters that take and no matter how hard I tired I would never make all the sisters be able to come at the same times. Girls do not need to have hair and make-up done for dress rehearsal just come in costume 1 and bring costume 2 so we can practice changing into them. Also during dress rehearsal girls have a little down time so its nice to send them with a backpack of something to play with, color with, or to eat.  

Monday 4:30
Monday 5:30
Wednesday 11:00
Wednesday 4:30
Thursday 10:00
Thursday 5:30

Tuesday 5:30
Wednesday 10:00
Wednesday 5:30
Thursday 1:00
Thursday 4:30

Then girls need to be back at 6:30 p.m. and ready to preform at 7:00 p.m. Please have girls on time. They need to have hair and make-up all done when they arrive at 6:30. If you need help with hair or make-up please let us know on picture day or at the dress rehearsal so we can make arrangements. Make sure they come dressed in costume 1 and bring costume 2 in bag. Please make sure they have their Sweet Pea T-shirt in dance bag, we will be wearing them for the finale. There is NO saving seats during the dress rehearsal. Doors open at 6:30 and you can come then and save seats. 

I know this is lots of information and is new to lots of you, so please feel free to call or text me with questions. Thanks for being patient with me and for letting us teach your girls this year. 

Hayley Egan 
Sweet Pea Dance

Monday, May 4, 2015


This will be the first of about three emails with information about whats going on for MAY.

First, reminder that tuition will be due this week for MAY. We also have a $15 recital fee per girl, this will help cover the coast of using the Sky View facilities. You may put this $15 with your May tuition or pay it the day costumes are handed out. Costumes will not be sent home if ALL payments are not paid in full. 

MAY 4-8: Normal dance this week. Tuition due

MAY 11-15: Costumes will be handed out. You will be getting two costumes (unless you added in January, and only doing one dance) If you are not at class this week it will be your responsibility to contact me and find a time to come pick up your costumes. You will not be able to take home costumes if payment isn't up to date and paid in full.

MAY 18-22: PICTURE DAY: You will have your daughter come to class in costume. I will let you know which costume in the next email. With hair and make up done. We will also let you know how hair needs to be worn in the next email as well. We will send home a form for pictures with your costumes that show prices for pictures. You don't have to buy pictures but we want ALL the girls to try and be there so they can be in their class picture. This is a good practice for the girls to change from costume 1 to costume 2. So make sure they bring their second costume to picture day. We will be taking a picture in both costumes.

MAY 25-29: NO DANCE durning your normal class time. Our dress rehearsal will be our class for this week.  The dress rehearsal will be the same day as the Recital. SATURDAY MAY 30th. For the rehearsal classes need to show up at:

10:30-12:15                                              11:45-1:15

Monday 4:30                                            Tuesday 5:30
Monday 5:30                                            Wednesday 10:00
Wednesday 11:00                                     Wednesday 5:30
Wednesday 4:30                                       Thursday 1:00
Thursday 10:00                                         Thursday 4:30
Thursday 5:30

Please make sure you drop and pick up your girls on time we only have a short time to practice on the stage.  We have the times overlapping for a reason, we need to practice our finale with ALL the girls and this will be the only time we get to practice this. I will be giving you more detail about the dress rehearsal in the next emails but this should help you be able to plan your Saturday.  Then the girls need to be back at 6:30 sharp in costume with everything ready and the recital will start at 
7:00 P.M. 

*We will be wearing our SWEET PEA T-shirts that you got at the begging of the year for the finale number. Each girls needs to be wearing one. If you lost yours I can order new ones but will be places the order on Friday. They are $7.00 for a new one. That can be paid when costumes are picked up or anytime before. Sizes are YOUTH XS, YOUTH Small, YOUTH Medium,  YOUTH Large, and YOUTH XL. Also if you added later and never got a new one will you also let me know and what size you need.  

Each class needs to have tights for pictures as well as the recital:

Monday 4:30 - Tan footless tights
Monday 5:30 - Tan footless tights
Tuesday 5:30 - Tan footless tights
Wednesday 10:00 - Black and White footless tights
Wednesday 11:00 - Black footless tights
Wednesday 4:30 - Tan footless tights
Wednesday 5:30 - Tan footless tights
Thursday 10:00 - Tan footless tights
Thursday 1:00 - Black and White footless tights
Thursday 4:30 - Tan footless tights
Thursday 5:30 - Tan footless tights

The black and white footless tights you can get at Walmart. They are Hanes brand and are $2.97. The Tan tights are a little harder to find. You can just buy normal footed tights and just cut the toes off if you want to save a little money, and they work just fine. Or there is a website I found that has great ones for a little cheaper then I have found anywhere else. 
In the search engine type in girls tan footless tights. They are $7.95 and get the light tan color. 

I know this is a lot of information so please let me know if you have other questions. 
email: sweetpeadance@gmail.com or text 435.881.1566

Thanks, Sweet Pea Dance
Hayley Egan

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Valentines Party

We want to do a Valentines Party of the week of Monday the 9th through Thursday the 12th during your daughter class. If they want have them wear RED, PURPLE or PINK. If your child would like to pass our valentines at our party at the end of class. (This is optional) Have your child sign their name on the card, but leave the TO part blank.

Amount of Girls in each class

Monday         4:30    - 8   girls
Monday         5:30    - 10
Tuesday        5:30    - 12
Wednesday   10:00   - 10
Wednesday   11:00   - 12
Wednesday   4:30     - 13
Wednesday   5:30     - 6
Thursday      10:00    - 12
Thursday      1:00      -10
Thursday      4:30      -10
Thursday      5:30      -9

We will provide a bag for them to put all their Valentines in. Please remember this is optional.

Thanks, If you have question or concern please call or email

Hayley Egan
Sweet Pea Dance Co.

Friday, January 16, 2015


Just a few reminders. If your daughter has dance on MONDAY January 19th (Martin Luther Kings Day) We will still be having dance. We just want to make sure they get 4 classes this month and feel like they need the practice. If you have questions or concerns please let me know.

Also make sure you have the recital marked on your calendar. SATURDAY MAY 30th at 7:00 with the dress rehearsal that same DAY!!!!!

Also please make sure to get your monthly tuition is paid by the 7th of each month. Make checks out to HAYLEY EGAN. Thanks.

For the Pre-school-Kindergarten classes we will have a little performance at one of the Retirement homes the first week of March. I will get you more detail on that in February.

Thanks, Sweet Pea Dance

Hayley Egan

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


    Next week 15th-18th which will be the last week of dance before CHRISTMAS, each class will be having a little Christmas Party during their class. Have your dancer wear RED and GREEN or dress up in anything Christmas. Parents as well as any family is welcome to come to the last 15/20 minutes of your daughters class to watch your daughters preform the dance they have been working on and a few other fun dances. Your welcome to video them dancing, which we recommend so they can have it to practice at home. With any questions about the Christmas Party please feel free to call or email me. 

     Just a few other reminders. Christmas Break will be December 22th- January 4th. Classes will start back in January and each class will then start working on their second dance and a solo dance they will preform at the RECITAL. Make sure you mark your Calendars for the Recital…..It will be Saturday MAY 30th at Sky View High School at 7:00. With the Dress rehursal that same day.  

January: 5th-9th Tuition will be due
February: Tuition due by the 7th
February: 9th-13- Valentines Party- Welcome to bring Valentines to hand out in class
March: Tuition due by the 7th
April: SPRING BREAK no Dance MARCH 30-April 2
April: Tuition due by the 10th
May: Tuition due by the 7th
In May we will hand out costumes and have a picture day which we will get more detail soon. 

Thanks for letting us teach your girls we enjoy teaching them and seeing them grow.

Sweet Pea Dance
Hayley Egan